Mandali Retreat Center

Via Belvedere 2
28898 Quarna Sopra (VB)

+39 0323 826439

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Mandali – A Center For Transformation

Only an hour’s drive from Milan, Mandali is a beautiful new spiritual retreat center built on a hilltop, overlooking lake Orta in Northern Italy. The center is created by the Mandali Foundation, a non-profit organisation set up by Dutch entrepreneurs Wouter Tavecchio and Wildrik Timmerman and one of their teachers, Cali Ornelas.

The story behind Mandali starts with two friends with high-flying careers as organizers of international dance festivals. The success of their business filled their high-paced lives with joy and abundance, yet left their minds stuck in a hamster wheel.

This is when they experienced a profound need for deepening their lives. Driven by the wish to create more meaning in life, they started attending silent meditation retreats and spreading a dif

ferent, more “spiritual” message at their dance events. They felt a deep connection with spiritual practice, which led to their dream: to create a center for transformation, a place where guests can experience inner peace and wellbeing in a safe and supportive environment.

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