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De spirituele Weg – Thuiskomen in jezelf 3

22 nov. 2023
6 en 20 dec. 2023
17 en 31 jan. 2024
14 feb. en 28 feb. 2024


Over De spirituele Weg – Thuiskomen in jezelf 3

The spiritual path is a paradox. We do not set out on the path to arrive somewhere else. There is no final destination. The most we can say is that the goal is to explore who we are. We can describe it as going home. Coming home to ourselves. It also sounds paradoxical that we are somewhere other than within ourselves. And yet most of the time we behave in such a way that we have left ourselves. Spiritual practice, meditations, self-exploration and presence exercises are about being with ourselves, with our experience, with our truth. We learn to inhabit ourselves, to be with what is, and to explore it directly. Although the path home is a very individual one, there are some milestones along the way that we all must pass through in order to come to ourselves.

Connecting the soul with its Buddha nature
The soul needs development – the essence is complete as it is
Surrendering to the truth of the moment
Following the love of truth
Learning to be authentic
Humans have 2 aspects: Form and Emptiness
Presence is the door to essence
Dealing with ignorance, finding direct wisdom
Dealing with reactivity
Working with the superego
From ego-activity to an attitude of non-interference
Arriving in the here and now
Acceptance – dealing with self-rejection
Liberation from the conceptual mind
Understanding the trap of identification
Allowing change
Dealing with vulnerability
Allowing an attitude of compassion
Dealing with the fear of the black hole – the fear of dying
Allowing space





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