Individual sessions ∙ Couple therapy

I offer individual sessions and couple therapy sessions in my practice in Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, at the Osho Uta Institute in Cologne and at the Aumm Institute in Nijenholtpade (NL).

Sessions in …

Couple therapy Primal therapy Psychological counseling Spiritual counseling Supervision


Individual session 60 Min.         € 100,-
Individual session 90 Min.         € 135,-
Couple session 60 Min.             € 120,-
Couple session 90 Min.             € 150,-

Practice Samarona Buunk

In the Bergische Land

Practice Samarona Buunk
Julius-Bergfelder-Weg 6
53819 Neunkirchen-Seelscheid


Osho Uta

In downtown Cologne

Osho Uta Institut
Venloerstr. 5-7
50672 Cologne


Aumm Instituut

In the Netherlands

Aumm Instituut
Centrum de Bron
Binnenweg 18
8475 EG Nijeholtpade