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the inner home

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My orientation in life
has always been
to seek the inner home



What is
'the inner home'?

With the inner home I do not mean a geographical place
somewhere on this earth, but a realization of who and
what I am in my depth.

On this website I present my work
and I see myself as someone who, figuratively speaking,
accompanies others on their journey home.
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The moon is there,
even when the clouds impose it.
Although the inner space
is full of thoughts,
the inner home is always present.

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In India they greet each other with a gesture, folding the hands in front of the heart.

It means:
"I honor in you your true nature, which I also honor in myself - and I know that therefore we are one."

It is a simple gesture, but it expresses a deep respect and an eye-to-eye meeting.

From this place, maybe we can find a door together to help you find your way home.
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Upcoming workshops, retreats and trainings

Primärtherapie Intensive

Osho UTA Institut Germany

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Freiheit – der Mut, du selbst zu sein

03/22/2024 - 03/24/2024
Osho UTA Institut Germany

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Workshops, retreats and trainings in beautiful surroundings

Aumm Instituut

near Groningen, Netherlands

Meditation Schweiz

near Bern, Switzerland

Mandali Retreat Center

Lago D'Orta, Italy

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